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So my surgery is scheduled for this Friday, I'm...

So my surgery is scheduled for this Friday, I'm getting lipo on my abdomen, flanks, and back.I don't think I have unrealistic expectations, really I just hope to get rid of the lower pooch and the back fat... Even if I keep my same shape( less back fat and pooch) I will be a happy camper. I'm super duper nervous I just hope all goes well (I'm a Virgo so I over analyze EVERYTHING and that's playing on my nerves lol) Well I'll keep you guys posted see you on Saturday (that will be my one day post op pic)


Good luck to you on your upcoming adventure.. Let us know how your doing... Best Wishes for a positive outcome!
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Good luck to you! I'm sure everything will be fine! Expect lots of soreness, bruising, and swelling. It can take weeks or months for the swelling to go down, but you will eventually see your lovely results! Best wishes to you!
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Nervous! (Before pics)

The before pics

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More before pics


Just wondering how long you have to wear a "spandex" garment, which puts you into "sausage mode'? HOpe everyone on this board is doing well! Keep in touch! Our "adventure" into losing the extra pooch, is scheduled the end of August... looking forward to it....
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How are you doing hun? Just a few more days for me I have been keeping an eye on you since you were going in right before me. I hope all is well and wish you happy healing!!
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I hope everything went well. I have been trying to decide if it is right for me for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing your results.
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Reschedule :( 7-22-13

soooo i found out on july 16 3 days before my surgery that my iron was low (i have anemia which i told the dr. about before hand) and the dr. told me i would have to get my iron up in order for him to preform the surgery... today i went to get my iron tested and its finally at an acceptable level to preform my surgry so im all set for this monday @2pm


Good luck hun!
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