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Hey RS! I'm new to this site and in search of a...

Hey RS! I'm new to this site and in search of a great doc for butt implants. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated! I'm a very petite woman. I'm 5' at about 105 lbs. I've read a few reviews but cannot decide whom to chose. I've had a few consultations but undecided on which surgeons. I've also went to one of the facility in Coral Gable but unsure on if I want to go there.


Hey love let's be partners aha when do U plan to do surgery Dr,Salama is the bomb YouTube his work or google either or ! If you want a female dr.lucerna in Sarasota Florida ! Goodluck girly !
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I got a great price from dr. Jacob freimen. Have you he's also a top doctor on realself. He's office is coral gable cosmetic. Have you heard of him?
So your date is coming up real soon?! Well good luck and keep me post it. I would love to see his result. I'm going sometime in Aug. But right now trying to decide whether for get my mommy makeover first or the butt????? Dr freimen is for the mommy makeover. Not yet find a dr for my But implant.
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Dr. Freeman

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