Help: BBL 20 Yrs Old Straxx? - Fort Lauderdale, FL

So im 20 years old and ive always been unsecure...

So im 20 years old and ive always been unsecure with my body and the way i look in my clothes. Ive been told im not that bad but the bbl is something i have my mind set for so i can be more confident as a woman and a child of one.

Im on a sort of low income so i been referred to strax but i haven't spoken to someone who has had a bbl done there before. Does any one have any advise?

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Did you have a particular doctor you were looking into, or multiple doctors at Straxx?

yes, i had a consultation with Dr. OSAK OMULEPU.

I've searched the reviews for you but there doesn't seem to be anyone on RealSelf who has been with that doctor, or not that they have mentioned anyway.

Is the doctor able to put you in touch with any former patients that you can talk to?

Name not provided


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