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After my Breast-Lift with Implants, I Now Smell Like a Salad!

I have had a breast lift with implants put in 2...

I have had a breast lift with implants put in 2 weeks ago, with the removal of 10 year old implants. Also a bit of smart lipo on the bra-line bulge.

1st week went fine, looked great but on Monday, 1 week from surgery after they took the stitches out, I developed I guess the beginnings of an infection. By Monday night they were tender, turning red,hot to the touch, etc. The next 2 days, I watched it, and went back in to have the Dr.do a saline/peroxide wash,he gave me 3 different antibiotics to take, and they did a culture. I am now doing a wet/dry, which is saline/vinegar mixture applied with gauze about 2 x's per day, still taking my medicine, and the oozing and pus has stopped, and the Dr. seems to think it was just a topical infection because we were on it right away.

I have had my implants done 10 years ago without a lift after my 2 children. Now,after running marathons over the years, and general "life in itself" it was time for a lift. I didn't want to have to wear a bra or tape to hold my implants up anymore. I researched very well, they always say you need 2 jobs to know what you want, and found a Dr. and staff I felt comfortable with. The only problem I am having is ifection, which I know is a big deal, but it could really have happened to anyone. They think I may be allergic to the sutures, tape, etc. I am just interested as to why they are using "vinegar' on my wounds and wanted some other Dr.'s and patients' opinions on it.

How is vinegar and infection related? Has anyone ever heard of using that and does it help?
Strax Rejuvination Center

I absolutely love my Dr. and after researching what has happened to me, it could have happened to anyone, a very small/ rare percentage. He was on top of it right away, and love the staff also! I already have recommened this place to people and I haven't even healed. I know when I am done, the will look great!!!

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I am not a doctor but vinegar can also be used as a home remedy - folk medecine for many, many ailments....in your case I will assume that it is to help reduce infection (kills germs) and dry out inflammation. Please be VERY careful with infections. Hope you have healed by now.
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