Awesome Stuff - Mental Fold and Nasolabial Folds

MY PS office South Florida center, was having a...

MY PS office South Florida center, was having a special for $600 a syringe so i bought 3.

They injected my Mental fold 3 weeks ago and just had it injected again today, they went conservative, they did 1.5 syringes. Today they injected .5 and also did my nasal folds. This stuff is awesome, would highly recommend.

I can't believe the low prices people are quoting.
Artefill is $1000 a syringe here done by a good plastic surgeon. A special is buy 2 at 1000 each and get the 3rd free. Hard to believe the $600 you quote isn't diluted or something. I wouldn't trust it.
I would like to know as well?????
What South Florida Dr Had ArteFill For $600 per syringe? Thanks :-)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He discussed the process with me and we made a plan on what he was going to do. Also used a topical

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