Lost over 120 Lbs - Fort Collins, CO

Ok, waiting for your story, you have me hooked on the weight loss. How did you do it?

Lost so much weight, Would love to get extra skin removed

I grew Up with one grandmother telling me to eat as much as you want. Then another grandmother putting me on a diet every time i saw her. After my parents separated, I would binge eat everything in site. When I had to sell candy for soccer I ate all the bars. 35 of them Including my grandfathers. I kept getting bigger. The biggest I got was to 820, Grandmother paid for me to get help, said she wanted me get down to under 800. When I had the Lap-band done in 2004 I was 780 Lbs. I was able to drop 100 lbs, I got a skin removal surgery done. Lost another 100 got another removal surgery. After I started working out my skin would turn yellow. My mom ran me to the hospital, come to find out the Lap-Band was effecting my pancreas/kidneys. They went in and took it out. I was about 500 lbs then.

The picture of me in my white work clothes was of me when I was 450 lbs. I tried and failed with weight loss since then. When I started really wanting this I was 280. Compared to back then I'm a completely different person. Cheers to being down 120 lbs since 1/1/14.

Why I want to get in shape
WOW! amazing weight loss story! You must be determined! How have you done it? Diet, excercise, or like me....hcg? Are you planning on more surgery? You look like a different person totally! Congrats!
I need to get from knees to elbows done. I want to get it all done at once. Cut alot out of my diet. It was diet/exercise/portion control.
Good for you....I used to live in Windsor...close to you, but have recently moved to Denver. Do you have a PS Doc in mind?
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