Forehead Lift and Left with Huge Bags Under Eyes

The pros of the forehead lift is that my eyes are...

The pros of the forehead lift is that my eyes are much wider and that is great. The cons is that now I have these huge bags under my eyes that make me look worse than before surgery.

It has been almost two months since the surgery and I have these huge bags under my eyes that I did not have before surgery. I am embarassed to go out in public without glasses. The swelling hasn't changed in weeks. I know the swelling takes time to go down b/c I had upper and lower eyelid surgery a few years back but the swelling usually gets better day by day but this swelling is not. Is this common?

Is it common to develop huge bags under your eyes after an endoscopic forehead lift? I did not have eye surgery, but I did have a forehead lift and a mini lift.


I developed prominent blue veins under both eyes following a forehead lift procedure that weren't there before. The doctor said if it didn't resolve after 6 months, he could do another procedure to remove those.
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Hello Forehead lift can cause significant swelling of the eye lids, upper and lower. This could be swelling, It could be that you had the bags before and now with rejuvanation of the upper face you are noticing the lower lid bags. Either way swelling will resolve with time. Lower lid bags can be dealt with with lower lid blepheroplasty.
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At this point, I would recommend him b/c he has been very concerned and helpful so far. However, I still have bags under my eyes and am embarassed to go out in public. Instead of people telling me how rested I look, they will ask me what happened to me. It is awful to look in the mirror and be mortified.

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