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Hi everyone. Omg this is the second major surgery...

Hi everyone. Omg this is the second major surgery I've had in my life the first elective and I have been debating this since I was 18. I am a 32 band size i.e. tiny. and natural 32DDD+ i just cried past a certain point and gave up anyways I'm 23 no children yet. Ive watched my boobs since they decided to quit being C's to out of control. Met with my surgeon today for my consultation. He is so nice he told me I have to B there goes my hope of being a C again but at this point I just want the pain gone so I'm taking it since it is covered by insurance. I would never get it done otherwise too expensive for a broke college student. I only have 2 years to get it done before i get kicked off my Dad's insurance so I had to be proactive about this.

Ok that was a poorly written paragraph sorry to you all you grammar nuts. I am one myself but it is also 2:05 am. Anyways Im also 5'9 and 119 pounds yes i know I'm tiny minus this top heavy pain in my back.

I took my sister to my consultation. So far biggest concern i have is scarring and breast feeding like 10 to 12 years down the road. um maybe i will post a pic sans face so you guys get the idea of what I'm dealing with. I just call it size ridic.

Also my second current mood can't wait to go shopping for new shirts specifically button ups :)

Well wish me luck I'm nervous. I have literally 3 weeks to heal after this surgery than i return to school full time.

My first major surgery was for a life threading...

my first major surgery was for a life threading appendectomy so completely different when I was 16 and it scarred nicely so heres to hoping.


My insurance chooses for me but he seems to know what he is doing.

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Your boobs really do look good, they look firm and have a natural shape. Your nipples complement the breasts. However with your small frame a reduction is acceptable. After your breasts heal from surgery you may want to show the after picture.
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I'm not sure about whether this is cool to say or not, but I think your boobs look spectacular??!!!! You find them too big for your frame I guess, but going down to the small C will probably be just right for your petite size. I just am in admiration of your shape is all. They should turn out equally as fabulous, all perky and everything! Good luck to you!
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Kind of agree here.
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Hey, congrats! Hope your doing great. Were about the same size. I still haven't decided if I can do it. Or if ill have the money. Good luck and keep us updated!
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Hi vet :). Congrats on your upcoming surgery! Did your ps tell you how many grams he must remove? I had 475 grams removed from each. That took me from a 34dd to 34c. My ps told me I would be a full B or small C.
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You are young and have not had kids yet , you may kind some may grow back over time . Good luck with it all
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Welcome, Vet! I think if you had minimal scarring with your appy then you should be fine with this. Of course there will be visible scars, but they will fade over time. Massage them and use some type of scar treatment (ie: Palmer's, ScarZone, Scar pads/tape) and I'm sure you will do great. You have young healthy skin so I would think you would do great! Three weeks should be time to get back in the swing of things, give yourself plenty of rest the first week and then start taking little walks. You will need to build up your stamina before you have to be running all over campus. Call your PS with any concerns as soon as you notice them because you don't have time to be down with an infection. Don't carry a backpack full of books (or an armfull) until at least month two. You want to treat your new breasts gently! And I'm a big proponent of anti-bacterial soap. I use antibacterial Safegard before surgery and continued to use it until about six months after, and never had any hint of an infection, don't know if that is why, but I do know that it could have only helped. Best of luck to you. Please keep us updated!
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The other thing I'm nervous about is being a 32 B but that is the only way my insurance covers it sigh. I don't even remember being a b I do remember being a C in high school
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