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IPL - Great for Removing Freckles - Folsom, CA

I have always had freckles on my face and I...

I have always had freckles on my face and I decided to get rid of them. Also I had a broken blood vessel on the bridge of my nose from falling asleep with my glasses on.

The first treatment significantly lightened the red mark as well as my freckles. I used a numbing cream and the pain was nonexistent in some spots but still felt in others. Mostly it was a quick warm sensation. The pain was a quick zap that went away immediately.

My freckles were fried and much darker after the treatment. They itched and literally fell off after a few days (loofah helps). My skin was so soft afterwards. I haven't noticed any wrinkle reduction, though.

So far I've had 3 treatments to my face, neck and chest. I will be back to get my arms done as well as the other areas again. Note that I was told that IPL is best for pale-skinned people. I have very pale skin and blue eyes. My last treatment was done using a very high setting and I had no residual skin markings from it. The redness dissipated within a few hours.


hi, please share with me the name of the place you done your procedure !!
and who did it? Doc's or technician ?
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Dr. Henry Chan in Hong Kong!

hi elysha,can you sent me your doctor's information, and the location of the clinics

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The Natural Result

The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. The facilities are clean and nicely decorated. I felt very relaxed throughout the procedure since the staff have excellent bedside manners.

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