Need a Butt Fast - Flushing, NY

Hello does anyone know anyone in Queens NY that...

Hello does anyone know anyone in Queens NY that does PMMA injections? Will keep info super confidential. Just received the proposal of my life. It would be beautiful to get this done as soon as i can. I am scheduled to go to DR in September. This just came up. Please help me if anyone knows. I will take the info to my grave

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I understand why you want to have the's fast and affordable. Seems harmless or you are convinced the bad effects won't happen to you. But please! It's not worth it. Your honey proposed to you for the way you are now and you don't want your life burdened with medical complications and ugly scars. Just spend the money on an amazing dress a couple undergarments and a great honeymoon. Later on if money is there do the bbl. please don't risk it. Look at my post on injectibles. The scars are awful. And I was lucky it wasn't worse. Congratulations on the proposal.
Hi mama I don't know anyone specifically but if you google it and put nyc you should find information on a couple of forums where females talk about the pmma, I've seen alot of info going around the web about where to get pmma here in the city so if you have no luck here maybe you can dig a little lol not sure if their safe or not so make sure you keep safe Hun :)
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