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Vi Peel Did Little for my Fair Acne-prone Skin.

I read that the Vi peel I had contained a % of...

I read that the Vi peel I had contained a % of phenol and retinoid (?). My results were minimal, I think the skin around my eyes looks older actually. I'm fair skinned & 38.

What's the results of everyone else w/skin similar to mine? Anyone get good results w/addt'l Vi peels?


My ViPeel went perfectly...maybe because the people who applied it used the entire solution and the fact that I followed the post-procedure instructions. Did you take any before and after photos?? Since you see your face every day, it is sometimes hard to recognize slight to moderate changes. As for phenol, that is used to help numb the skin similar to chloreseptic (which has phenol and you spray it in your throat!) and no it is not retinoid. The towelette has retin-a and vitamin c
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Is a prior Vi peel 6-7 weeks ago prep for a TCA peel?
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A ViPeel has TCA in it and gives you similar results as those painful TCA peels (avoid Obagi like the plague!) Instead, do another ViPeel.
True MD spa

I think it's overpriced, never even called for a follow-up, and were annoyed that I had them call in a Rx for acylovir (from the advice of my dermatologist who hadn't heard of this peel).

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