Why Do I Look Worse After Vaser Lipo? Florida

So far I am very unhappy. It has been 5 weeks...

So far I am very unhappy. It has been 5 weeks & 3 days since I had lipo on the back part of my thighs (banana roll). My friend said it looked like he also did some inner & outer thigh area (saddle bag). I look worse than before.

My butt looks droopy, my skin looks like it has major ripples/cellulite. I have been eating clean & exercising. In fact I have lost weight and an inch from my thighs from dieting. The inch loss was not from lipo. It's my normal thigh size for this weight.

I look horrible. I was told give it some time for the skin to retract. I don't see that happening. And I jiggle worse than before and in places it was fine prior to the lipo. I have been crying non stop.

Thank you. I hope in a couple of months I will be on here raving about lipo. (:
Hello. Yes they have improved a bit. I am still concerned about the droopy behind but I am hoping with the personal training it will improve. I am also doing low level Zerona (for healing not fat reduction) and Endomology treatments to promote skin retraction. Not to mention I've bought every cellulite cream on the market. It's been 2 months today so I have hope that it really will look right in a few months.

I hope so too! I'm glad it's at least gotten better for you. Fingers crossed that everything keeps improving.


It's now 9 weeks postop. I definitely have butt...

It's now 9 weeks postop. I definitely have butt droop now. Will glut exercises improve this? If not can it be repaired? I have been reading horror stories on the internet about this and am seeking reassurance that there is actually a fix for this unflattering issue. I have never hated my body like this before.
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I look worse than before. Now dieting & exercise are not touching any of the areas it used to work on.

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