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First Time Dysport User - Florida

I have had botox on my forehead wrinkles many...

i have had botox on my forehead wrinkles many times ~ no side effects except for a slight droopy lid when the doc used too much. this time i was given dysport, and in a new location: crow's feet. both sides bled and the doctor seemed flustered by this. probably because he knew that he hit a vein and i would end up with a BAD headache. about 6 hours later, the pressure started in my temples and forehead. then the back of my head/nec started pounding horribly. i woke up this morning and the pain is just as bad. add severe NAUSEA and light/sound sensitivity, just like a migraine ~ which i haven't had in years. so far, i still have the crow's feet as well as one droopy eye. i just pray that my headache will go away in time for an event that i have in two weeks. i'm not sure if it was the dysport, the new location, or the fact that my doctor hit veins. all i know is i will not be doing this again. NOT worth it.

update: I spoke to my PS about my headache the next time i saw him. he said he no longer recommended it to his patients because of similar reports. he said the chance for migration is greater and the price difference is not worth it. i agree.
Thanks! I am happy to say the migraine went away. I had it for two days. *whew!* I will not be doing that again! Your headache sounds exactly like mine. I'm not sure about the pressure... Next time I see my PS, I will report my symptoms to him and ask. I hope your pain has improved as well. Thanks for your response.
I also have had a severe reaction to the Dysport. The head pressure I am experiencing also started in my temples and migrated to the back of my head and neck. Any idea of what this pressure is? I am so sorry to hear of your condition so similar to mine.
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