Smart Lipo Next Week - Stomach, Sides, Bra-back, and Inner Thighs - Weston, FL

Hello everyone! First of all thank you for all...

Hello everyone! First of all thank you for all your sharing! Lord knows I have learned a lot today reading a lot of your comments.I am 51 yrs old,am also like 30 lbs overweight,all fat is concentrated at the stomach.I'm having the SmartLipo done next week wednesday,I"m concerned because I only took 3 days off from work for this procedure. From what I am reading, the lesser the amount of fat taken, the lesser the pain,swelling,and recuperation?? Should I wait for this procedure then?

What about the anesthesia? I read that some of you were experiencing pain during the procedure!

I am starting to get discouraged about it! The descriptions plus the assurances seem so ... like ...this procedure would be a piece of cake, but yet a lot of you say the discomforts are barely bearable.

I guess that if I go thru with this procedure, I will come back and comment as well.

Hello tanguito!
Thanks for your post. Actually today I have an appointment with this same doc. Please let me know how had you evolutionate? Do you think is it worthy?


Hi tanguito -- Welcome to RealSelf! According to this Doctor Q&A page, Smart Lipo recovery is actually quite short. That's not to say you won't be sore, but 2-5 days seems pretty typical for returning to work and normal activities.

Hope this helps and please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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Hello Everyone! My Tumescent lipo was on Wednesday at around 11:30 am I was out by 1:30 - it went really quick - there were a few doctors performing the procedure,which I thought it was better. It means that I got out faster! I originally was going to have my thighs done, but afterwards decided not to. The procedure went great, a did not feel much of anything that was going on, though I was awake - I took a tranquilizer because I was apprehensive, and my blood preassure was high from it. So finally Dr. Sant Antonio came in, drew the marks and everything else that needed to be done on my body! My mom was present by the way, eventhough I am 51 yrs old, it was reassuring for me, just like when I was a kid and mom was always there. After I was done, he took me by my hand, and led me to the operation room, where the team proceeded to get me prepared for the lipo. They were all friendly, so nice, and made me feel so comfortable. Finally when we were done, the nurses gave me a massage to drain the excess liquid as well as to clean & placed pads & surgery tape,before I was able to put on the compression garment. I took a good and long look at what appeared to be liquified chicken fat!!! It was so groooooossss! but there was so much of it! I was glad it was out of me! Once I got home,I was checking out my new waist, and just started to massage lightly, and I started leaking! At the beginning I was a little nervous, but then I said to myself, maybe I should just encourage my body to get rid of this as much as possible since I am indeed going to be leaking it out, best yet is that my skin was still numb from the anesthesia. So massage I did. Plus I walked around as much as possible, I could not go to sleep, nor was I tired. I had one bout of nausea & vomit the same day none thereafter,I drank lots of no-salt soup, (real spinach,OJ,Pineapple) fresh juices. I only took Tylenol EXTRA Strength whenever I felt a little bit of pain like when you do a gazillion sit ups with no breaks. I have some pain now,when I lay back because of soreness, but I only take the Tylenol for it before bed, so that I can rest more.I'm not terribly back & blue some small ones near the incisions in my lower tummy, they are starting to go away.I stopped leaking in 24 hours just as promised, and when I took off my garment, I loved what I saw already. I have a beautiful torso,and a new waistline no love handles, my tummy though is a little flabby,and I have a thick little skirt hanging but I rather have that, instead of what was there before. I'm hoping that the aesthetic look will improve with diet and exercise. But even then the results for me are colossal so far. I do not wish to do a tummy tuck, though I had 2 cesareans, 2 doctors have reccomended it,and 1 has said to go for a mini tuck - so I will see as time progresses, how my belly fares as well with the new changes. For now, I just want to be able to receive a big hug from my kids, and for my skin not to be so makes me wince, and the pain can sometimes bring tears to my eyes.
Yesterday for my first pre-op the Dr. said I was doing great,and that this soft skirt, is right now full of fluid,and it would get better - according to the prognosis, I also will get swollen as the days progress possibly up to 8 wks but thereafter,everything will go back to normal.Plus I'm having about 10 lymphatic massages,that helps with drainage,tightening of tissues etc.. I will continue to update. And will post pics once I am able. I hope this helps out to whomever is thinking of having lipo, because it all depends on health, healing,pain tolerance,& how active you have been prior to having this procedure.I for one,said to myself that this would not keep me from doing anything out the norm.
Dr, Sant Antonio

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