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Dramatic results for fine lines, firmness, hyper...

Dramatic results for fine lines, firmness, hyper pigmentation, pores. Excellent skin care line. The products work synergistically so best to use them together and not omit steps. When used consistently I can truly say I look about 10 years younger.


Glad you were pleased. Would love to know which items specifically you were using and what the costs were for them.

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I use the whole system which includes 6 items. For the cleanser I use the Nu Derm foaming gel (1) morning and night along with the toner (2). There is another creamier cleanser for drier skin available. I use Clear (3) morning and night which is 4% hydroquinone, a skin lightener. I use Exforderm Forte (4) in the AM which is alpha hydroxy acid cream. There is also plain Exfoderm which I believe is supposed to be for drier skin. The Blender (5) is mixed with Retin A (I use the 0.05%) at bedtime and applied after Clear. Blender is apparently for deeper skin lightening. Finally step 6 is SPF 35 sunscreen . I don't recall what the cost of individual items are. This skin system is widely available on line and likely cheaper than what you would pay at most cosmetic surgeon or dermatology offices. Expect your skin to be a bit red and flaky for a month but once your skin adjusts the results are quite impressive.
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