I Got my Nose Job on June 20th 2011, It is Now July 23rd 2011. - Florida

I never had a crooked nose before but now my nose...

I never had a crooked nose before but now my nose is so crooked!! I dont know what to do, It had been 1 month and 3 days! Is there any helpful tips or ideas?? Or anything I can ask my doctor??

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I have the same problem, and I am about 8 weeks post-op. My tip was crooked before at the tip and now it looks more so. Plus, to top it off the part of my nose that reaches between my eyes looks off-set now. One side looks hollow and the other has a small bump. Doc says that the bones have a memory and that is what happened - they tried to move back. I am supposed to press on nose in opposite direction several times a day, but I don't think it's going to do anything. Doc already talked about slight in-office revision and injectible fillers.

I hope this works out better for you!

Whereabouts in Florida did you have your surgery? I had mine in Sarasota - so regretting it!
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I totally agree with what Rizzles said. You do need to give it at the very least 3 to 6 months, and sometimes up to a year to see how your nose is going to heal. I truly hope it comes out pin straight. Please keep us posted!

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Im actually going through the same thing at the moment and its making me upset!. The side profile is beautiful on my nose but now I feel like the frontal nasal tip is slightly curving too. I called the office and the secretary telling me its nothing give it time, its all swelling etc. My mom got really angry when I told her what the office said and she wants me to try call back as soon as I can to make an early appointment to see the doctor because she said within the first 6 weeks its easy to fix minor problems since the bone hasn't healed yet but if I wait too long and it really is crooked Ill have to wait a year to get surgery again
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P.S. I never had a crooked nasal tip before the surgery so I can't blame it on that
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This is really a serious problem. Is it possible to have a nose cosmetic operation to cure it? Good luck with you!

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You generally have to wait a while (up to a year) to know what you nose will look like in the end. Sometimes swelling can be uneven.
However, if it does not improve (and that happens too), you can get a revision rhinoplasty. That's what a lot of people do when the outcome is not what they wanted.
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