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I had no airway through my nasal passages for over...

I had no airway through my nasal passages for over 15 years from a botched rhinoplasty in 95. Aesthetically it appeared mis-shaped and I was unhappy for so long. Thank god there are skilled surgeons like Dr. L, he is truly amazing. He took on my secondary rhinoplasty case without knowing what he would find and did an exceptional job. I can finally breath after 15 years through my nose.

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

First he is very compassionate and skilled, but most of all he is of the Elite Plastic Surgeons. He definitely stands above the rest. Extremely kind, professional and skilled.

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Yay for being able to breathe through your nose! You don't realize how much you need unobstructed nostrils until you don't have them. Thanks for posting here on RealSelf!

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