Would NOT Recommend for Lines Around Lips - Florida

Spent $3200 in Restylane in a year for lines...

Spent $3200 in Restylane in a year for lines around my lips.

The Restylane only lasted 3 months so had to keep going back to the Dr to get more.

This works out very expensive and is not guaranteed.

I contacted the company and they do not guarantee Restylane for lips, they only guarantee the time frame (6 to 9 months) for the naso labial folds.

I know there are good and bad injection techniques, so not sure if my Dr is not using the proper technique for injection. Not sure. I did 3 yrs of research on my Dr prior to going to him, and everything came back very positive, so I'm to believe it's the Resylane itself.

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I prefer not to list my Dr's name

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Hi Second,

Thanks for the review. It seems you might want to check back with your doctor. I'm not saying this happened, but other community members have mentioned their doctors using watered down product, thus not giving you the effect the product is supposed to have. Please keep us updated.



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