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Lots of Bruising! - Florida

Whooo! I have so much bruising it looks like I...

Whooo! I have so much bruising it looks like I took a purple marker and stroked my face from nose to chin. The color is now going under my jaw and I have two very dark purple spots on my opposite cheek. Some jowl swelling also. I had it done on Thursday afternoon and there is no way I could have worked the following day. I am dreading going to work on Monday. I jusst do not thinkI am going to pull it off at all. I am so embarassed. Is it worth it? Too soon to tell. And yes, I ided the areas for 20 minutes. I am 59 and have taken a baby aspirin for 20 years. I am disappointed that my provider did NOT tell me NOT to take it. I suppose I should have asked.


Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about your bruising. :( Did you end up going to work today??

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I did not go to work Friday, not did I go out of the house Fri-Sat-Sun. I went to work Monday with my hair falling in my face and my head down, my hand in front of my face. The bruise is an inch wide from the corner of my mouth to my chin and very dark purple. I have primer, concealer, foundation and powder and I still look like I was doing MMA! The top of the bruise is fading,....finally and draining to under my jaw line. I am having trouble with my computer and my phone so I am unable to post the picture. But it is NOT a pretty site! The other side looks good. I had a tiny bruise at the corner of my mouth and it has faded.

I have to go out of town next Friday and I hope it is ALL GONE by then. I just do not want to explain anything to anyone. Ugh. It is tough to be 59, losing weight and getting wrinkles.
I know your bruises are long gone, but next time try some Arnica gel. It is homeopathic and really works. I put all my patients on it. You can take it orally (sublingual) at the time of injection and again every four hours to minimize swelling and apply the gel several times a day. It makes a HUGE difference. good luck!
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