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My Jury is Still Out on Botox - Florida, NY

I have tried Botox 3 or 4 times since turning 39....

I have tried Botox 3 or 4 times since turning 39. I have to say, I just can't decide if its worth the price. I have had my 11s, crows feet and forehead lines done. My forehead lines in particular are very deep and have been there since my 20s, so perhaps its just my facial muscles.

My advice is don't expect too much and start with the area that bothers you most. For example, I think Botox softens the 11s most noticably. The first time I tried my forehead lines, I literally saw nothing (but after switching doctors, I did see improvement on my most recent visit). My crows feet lines are probably only reduced enough for me to notice.

The other thing about Botox is dont expect it to last more than a few months. I have never felt frozen or had difficulty making expressions after the injections; however, I did have an eyelid droop on one occasion (which lasts for weeks and is awful, you have to put your eyeshadow on very creatively and it made me quite self-conscious). I was told that is caused by the Dr placing the injection too close to the eyebrow (but other articles I have read they claim that a spot of Botox at the top of the eye makes it raise up, so I'm still confused). I am thinking it may make more sense to save my monies for a laser treatment, as it seems to cost a miminum of $450 to do all three areas.

About 250 for jaw(25 units)4head  only needs 15 to 20 units and about 15 in between brows.  I do go to my dr for most treatments but for those small amoints in my forehead, I will occasionally go to a med esth center that I trust, it's not a large corporate chain one and they always have awesome monthly specials.

That is good you found a place you trust...I think I have just read way too many bad experiences at places like that, so I'm completely freaked out by the idea. I have an appointment on Friday for some...nervous but excited!


Yea, I don't blame u.  So...how did your appt go? Did you end up doing multiple ares?   :)
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