Hair Growing Back Where Moles Were Removed from Face - Florida

I had a great dermatologist.... and I was pleased...

I had a great dermatologist.... and I was pleased with the results until i noticed that the hair still grows. It didn't hurt at all.

I just had a couple moles removed from my face a few days ago... they are beginning to heal, but now I notice that they are still growing hairs. I was trying to improve my looks, and now I am very worried about what might happen with the hairs growing, and I am going to have a scab and then a scar. Will I have an ingrown hair problem now? I am so worried. I am going to call the dermatologist who did this. But I am very scared I made a mistake in opting to have them removed if I am going to have complications. What should I do? And what is it that I should expect? My insurance is also going to run out in a couple weeks.

I just had the same procedure done for a mole on my cheek that I had since birth... With proper covering with band aids and neosporin, the scab will go away and there will be a minimal scar... Mine still has several hairs growing from where it was, (my doctor said to remove the hair as well he would have to cut deeper which would leave more of a scar)... I would say that the hair (that I can just shave off regularly) and the minor scar is much less of an inconvenience compared to the big brown lump that had hairs growing out of it used to be in my cheek... Just my honest opinion...... I guess you could look into laser or some kind of more permanent hair removal if it bothers you that much, but a small scar on your cheek that grows hair is probably better than a big lump that grows hair...
Where in FL did you get it removed for $100; kindly provide the name and/or address of the facility? I have a few small moles on my face that I want removed.
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