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Don't believe the hype. They end up looking...

Don't believe the hype. They end up looking thick and bulky. I blew $14,000 on uppers and lowers in the front of my mouth and they looked like horse teeth. So much so that the dentist removed them and then replaced them with new ones. The new ones looked abouts as bad as the original ones. Additionally they chip very easily as well.

I've since gone to an excellent dentist who put in veneers and they are truly beautiful. In this case, $14k only for the uppers... but well worth it.

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Hey , which dentist did you go to the second time around? Were the lumineers replaced with implants?

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Wow, so sorry to hear about the money wasted on the Lumineers, not to mention time & discomfort...ugh. 

Glad to hear you are happy with the new veneers you have on now. Since you switched dentists do you feel the better outcome had more to do with the new dentist having a higher skill level or the use of a traditional veneer?

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The better outcome was due to using veneers instead of the Lumineers.
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