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I started using Latisse 25 days ago. I use one...

I started using Latisse 25 days ago. I use one drop, twice a day. This stuff works. I am very impressed and am excited to see what happens a few months from now.

I dont have eye irritation but my eyes did get red (someone asked me if I was stoned. haha!), but thats starting to be less severe now.


I mean START trimming them!
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Been using it 6 weeks, now, my lashes are getting so long i may have to stop trimming them!
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Hi Juli, just something to consider... Many people find that overdoing use can give those red eyes. Also, using too often can sometimes backfire because you can hasten the lash growth so quickly that you can get quite a few suddenly shedding. I had a couple of big sheddings twice recently (9th week now) and I was only doing one drop ONCE a day. So, sometimes less can be more...
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