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Regained the Lashes I Lost Due to Menopause! - Florida

My lashes just about disappeared as I began...

My lashes just about disappeared as I began menopause. I always looked tired unless I used eyeliner combined with "tube mascara".

I began applying Latisse June 6th '09. It's been just about 3 months and what an incredible difference! I have NO reason to wear either liner or mascara! My lashes are thick, dark, and long. At first they were growing at all angles but as time progressed they were straight again.

I do not use the applicators included but rather a thin eyeliner brush. I also find that using 1 drop (placed in the bottle cap) is enough to do both the upper and yes lower lashes. The skin darkness is minimal if you are careful applying the product. I've hazel eyes that are still hazel. I purchased Lumigan for the 2nd bottle (cheaper and I didn't need those nasty applicators).

Yes there are days my eyes are a bit itchy but I've found if I apply the stuff around 7pm I don't experience that anymore. I also did not experience the lashes falling out as yet. I do use an eyelash curler and haven't had "any" loss.

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I would have to say that it did take some time before I was able to see "real noticeable" results. If I were to guess, as it's 12 weeks now, it was about 8 weeks before the lashes began to get darker and looked thicker. The lashes that were menopausal survivors grew in length but the empty spaces were there were none took the most time to grow. If you were lashless, I'd say don't give up and continue on. Did you take pictures? That also helps as we are so critical of ourselves we may not see the small changes!
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm glad that you have received good results, and I'll just keep at it a little longer, and not look daily for the changes. I really appreciate your advice.
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How long did it take until you began to see results? I am at 6.5 weeks and see no difference. I am just like you - menopausal and pretty much lost the eyelashes, and my eyebrows are also sparse. I look daily for progress from Latisse. Am I being too impatient?
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