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Latisse - Magnifique!!! Results in 4 Weeks - Florida

I received a full size bottle of Latisse from my...

I received a full size bottle of Latisse from my eye physician as a sample i.e. NO CHARGE.

I cannot believe the results after 4 weeks. There is a noticeable difference in the length and fullness of my upper lashes. The lower lashes are longer and are starting to get fuller as well but are not as dark as my upper ones.

The mascara I use (I have 2 kinds) tends to be clumpy even after wiping most of it off the brush before applying. I can’t wait until they become more dark. This product has given me hope.

I have no side effects of discoloration. I have dry eyes anyway and use lots of eye drops so they tend to be a little red.

I, like many others have discarded the product brushes and use a fine natural brush to apply the Latisse. I also used someone’s suggestion of placing a drop of the product into the cap too. This works extremely well.

I’ll go the Dr. in another 4 weeks for a checkup and keep you posted.

I have been using Latisse now for 3.5 weeks and I am loving it. I would never leave the house without eyeliner before because my eyes lookded faded away since I have light eyes and light brown eye lashes and eye brow. I noticed a little change after only two weeks.. they started to get darker and now after 3 weeks I noticed that they are longer. The bottom lashes look darker. I have not had any side effect at all. It is as if I am not doing anything at all. I have been applying it in my eye brow and it looks also darker. I am hoping that the hairs get longer and thinker and darker for a fuller eye brow. I can't wait to see the final result. I am very excited and I fell already more beautiful.
Jacksonville Eye Center

I also had lasix surgery done by this group

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