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Not Invisible. Get Braces Instead!

The invisaligners are definitely not invisible!...

The invisaligners are definitely not invisible! Don't get them for that reason or you'll be disappointed.

I was supposed to wear mine for about nine months. After that I my teeth weren't much better. My orthodonist ordered more. Wore those for five more months. My teeth were a little better, but still not good. Now I have a new set of 10 (20 more weeks). If my teeth aren't straight by then, I quit. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have gotten braces instead, and would have them off by now.

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I definitely don't blame my orthodontist. He did beautiful work on both of my daughters' teeth (with braces). I should have gotten braces so he could control my progress.

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Invisalign is much uglier than braces, trust me. I am a junior in high school and I have had my invisalign for 6 months now. The aligners are ugly, they smell(no matter how often you brush your teeth/clean them), they yellow your teeth, they are EXTREMELY painful, and with the buttons they put on your teeth they also make it look like you have huge chunks of food stuck on your teeth. They have made me so self conscious to smile, let alone how painful they are and how little they have done for my teeth so far. I am extremely dissappointed with them.
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You are not alone in reporting disappoinment that Invisalign are not invisable, especially if there are buttons or attachments on your teeth.

For people trying to decide between braces or Invisalign you can click here to read a Q&A where several dentists gave their opinions on the pros & cons of both.

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