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I had slight thinning and decided to start early...

I had slight thinning and decided to start early to keep up with my hair loss. I had my first procedure in 1998 and my last in 2006. The first procedure was horrible ( Done by a top rated plastic surgeon)bad scaring of the donor area. I switched to another surgeon and had 3 more procedures with fair results. I still had a see through hairline. Switched again to another surgeon an had 2 more procedures. I was very happy with the first but the second was a total failure.

I would say 80% for the graft failed to grow. So far I've had a total of 6000 plus grafts. To be honest the results don't last. When they say transplant don't fall out that's BS! You continue to lose transplanted hair and the process never stops. If you don't believe me try to find pictures of patients 10 years after the procedure. Now I have a scared scalp in multiple areas so I can't shave my head. I not sure what to do next (one more?). I always say this is my last one. If you take this route be prepared to do it for years to come and have plenty of $$$$. If you're stoic about pain it can provide some temporary improvement until the next procedure.


I had a hair transplant that I was not happy with. However I just shave my head bald and let the scar show. You can buy some products at the drugstore that you can apply that make the scar less noticeable. Or visit a dermatologist, there are some procedures that can reduce the appearance of the scar. My scar is just a line. I was very insecure about my scar at first but it is like everything else in life you get over it and don't even think about it. I have met many new friends and no one has even ever asked me about the scar. Think about it this way who goes around staring at the back of a person's head anyway? When you meet people and interact with them you are looking at their faces not the backs of their heads. For all you guys who have a hair transplant that you are not satisfied with just shave your head and let the scar show. You will look and feel much better about yourself in the long run.
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I'm sorry to hear you have had such a bad run of things. However I'm going to have to clarify/correct your statement a bit. A hair transplant done CORRECTLY is almost always permanent. But this assumes many things. First it assumes that your surgeon is taking donor hair from the correct places. You see, for men who suffer from typical male pattern baldness, it is genetically pre-determined which of your hair follicles are going to be more susceptible to this type of hair loss. For most men, these "inferior" follicles are typically on the top of the head (which is why you see quite often see older men who are mostly bald up top, but have a permanent ring of hair around the back of their heads until the day they die). These follicles in the back are NOT genetically pre-determined to be sensitive to the triggers of male pattern baldness, and are typically very strong and permanent hair growers. Assuming your surgeon can correctly anticipate which regions of your scalp these more permanent follicles reside in, and assuming he ONLY transplants follicles from these regions, and assuming he performs the transplants skillfully without damaging the follicles, then they will be permanent hair producing follicles no matter where they are relocated to on your head. (Again, like I said, there are many assumptions there.) Even still however, if that is all done correctly, there are still many unrelated factors than can lead to hair loss of even permanent follicles, such as stress, hormonal imbalances, inflammation or skin conditions of the scalp, or environmental toxicities, etc. All in all, hair restoration is a very complicated science, and each individual's case is completely unique. However making a blanket statement that hair transplants are not permanent is simply inaccurate and false.
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Spoken like a true hair transplant pitchman. I stand by what I said, so prove me wrong. Show me a statistically valid study that proves transplanted hair does not fall out with age. Even the "so called permanent" hair on the sides and back thins over time. My point is once you start down this road be prepared for more procedures. Like I said I've had 6+ (I'm losing count) procedures and just had another one 6 month ago to replace "transplanted" hair. So far so good but I've been here before. My first surgeon said one or two at the max is all you'll need. Ask yourself how much money paid and pain are you willing to endure.
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They completely overstate the results and understate the cost. They are gung ho to get you in but once you pay they have very little interest in you. They're off trying to get new customers. Sad but true.

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