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I chose RNY Gastric Bypass because that is what I...

I chose RNY Gastric Bypass because that is what I qualified for under medicare. I was disabled by my morbid obesity and this was the end of the road for me...I couldn't live without this surgery.


Thanks for your review. If you don't mind sharing, how much weight have you lost since your WLS? Have you found it easy transitioning to a different lifestyle?

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I am assuming you mean you paid your copay of $2,500., and not the whole procedure cost, etc. Searching for a lower price and wanted to make sure you are talking your copay as I was quoted $34,000. The copay amount or whatever is not going to help me if I have to pay cash myself.
Saint Augustine Bariatric Surgeon

He has performed over 7000 RNY Gastric Bypass surgeries. He has had the surgery and knows what I am going through. Love his dry sense of humor....and the facility at Flagler Hospital was fantastic!

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