Do I Have to Lose More Weight to Get Optimum Results? - Florida

I have considered getting a TT for the last 18+...

I have considered getting a TT for the last 18+ months. I cannot seem to get the last 15 lbs of weight off- I eat balanced and healthy for the most part- drink lots of water daily- but being a single mom of a 1 yr old and working full-time I am too exhausted to commit to a fitness regimen to get the of the lbs off- I am hoping this procedure will give me the results I yearn for- by providing me with a more attractive abdominal/hip area. Do I have to loose the rest of the weight before I commit to the surgery or can I proceed with my weight as it is? I am getting such mixed opinions from my circle but the Dr doesn't seem concerned. What are the thoughts out there?

Welcome to the community.  Most doctors ask that you are within 15-20 pounds of your ideal weight prior to surgery.  Sounds like you are there so now focus on being healthy...and go for it!!!

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