Mommy Makeover. Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo of inner and out thighs, and Breast Augumentation

These pics were taken before a mini tummy tuck,...

These pics were taken before a mini tummy tuck, breast augumentation and lipo of the thighs. I always had small breasts. This is my tummy 3 years after having a baby. I always had thunder thighs which I hated my whole life even after working out. It took me a lot of courge to go to my first visit to the plastic surgeon office. I was so nervous even to the pre op visit one week before surgery. I almost backed out because I was so scared and nervous. But I did it and did it for myself. I had all 3 surgeries at one time. It was better that way for the healing process and for the cost. The nite of and day before I took prescribed valume which helped tons. I dont remember anything right after the surgery. I came home and slept for 2 days. I did do my walks around my place. I came home the day of surgery. I was pretty nervous about coming home the same day. My husband was awsome. He helped with so much. He was like my nurse. So for those of you who are nervous, take the valume if prescribed to you. It will help tons. Our 3 year old son stayed at familys house for the 1st 5 days after the surgery.

Day after surgery

The day after the surgery was rough. It hurt to get out of bed. I was throwing up from the anesthesia and all the pain meds. The nausea patch and medicine did not help. I have always had a problem with anesthesia though. It usually makes me very sick to my stomach. I slept the entire day. I did get out of bed and walk several times. I kept on my pain meds for 3 days. After 3 days all I took was tylenol. I didnt have pain in my arms from the breast surgery. I was able to lift my arms up the nite of surgery. I must of been one of the very few who didnt have arm pain. The breast augumentation was the least pain out of all three surgeries. The worst pain was lipo of my thighs. The middle pain was my tummy tuck. I had a c section with my son. So I knew what to expect with the mini tummy tuck. I only had one tube in my tummy. I only had one tube in my tummy. They took it out 5 days after surgery. Here is a pic the day after surgery.

5 days after surgery and post op day.

I was up walking everywhere. I was still somewhat crouched when I first get out of bed but after a few minutes of walking I was fine to stand straight. The pain was less and less everyday. No more pain meds just the tylenol. When I came home from the surgery I was wearing a 36 sports braw. After a few days of the swelling I had to go up to a 38. I have been doing my messages. Also the messages on my legs where the brusing is. When I went to my first post op I was told I was at my top swelling but it would go down over the next few weeks. It was still hurting to get out of bed but my husband helped a lot with that. I had to do the log roll to get out of bed. Here is a pic of the 5 days after.

2 weeks after surgery.

Duuring this time I have been able to help clean the house. Not much bending over though. I have been wearing my body compression suit since surgery. But I will admit there were 5 nites it hurt to wear it at nite so I left it off. Those 5 nites were about 4 days after surgery. It hurt too bad so I wasnt getting much sleep. So 8 or 9 days after surgery I have been wearing it 24/7. I am getting smaller and smaller from the surgeries. I was a size 6 pants before surgery so now I am a size 4. I am still wearing the sports braws as advised by the doctor. I dont plan on buying any pants or braws until after 6 weeks of recovery. Here is a pic 2 weeks after surgery in my swim suit.
Your breast have a nice shape. They look perky and your abs look nice and flat. I've heard that lipo really hurts. Congrats and happy healing !!

Christmas day

These pics are on Christmas day. My pants are a lil big on till I buy smaller ones. I am still sore but it is getting better and better. I am happy with my results so far. But my nipples are sensative to the cold and I still have the bruises on my legs. I have been taking time to relax. I amable to do everything as I regularly do. Again this is how I was doing Christmas day. We went to see everyone for dinner and had dinner at our place on Christmas eve.
Wow, you have a great result!
Thank you. I am posting more pics.
Thank you!

3 weeks tomorrow post OP

I still have a lot of brusing. I had my post op appointment this week. Everything is going well. I am happy healing. Here are 3 week post op pics.
Wow! You look great! Congrats on your mommy makeover and happy shopping! lol
Thank you. We look foward to see your pics too. You will look great!
Beautiful results! Thank you for sharing your journey so far. It sounds like your husband has been super supportive, which is fabulous. Hooray for the good guys!

Gym today after 3 weeks and 3 days post op

I went to work out today. It felt great. We will see how my body feels tomorrow morning. My PS told me I could go after 3 weeks.

2nd photo.

I hope the swelling goes down more on my thighs. I have been so ready to go back to the gym.
Your legs looks great! Everything looks good!!
Thank you. I am doing well. Try not to be too nervous. They will give you something to take for that before surgery. Keep us posted on your surgery post op and photos.
Great work and awesome healing,...quick recovery! Continued good healing!

4 weeks since surgery.

I have been doing well. There are a couple things I am not happy with. First one is I still have some lumps from lipo on the inner and outer thighs. Maybe that will go away with time. Second one is I have one boob just slightly higher then the other. I have heard that is normal in most woman even real breasts all sizes. So if anyone could please enlighten me on that. Other then that i still have brusing and some swelling. My boobs are dropping like they should. I havent tried any braws on yet. I am waiting till the 6 weeks. I still have two more weeks in the compression garment. I do not sleep well with it on at nite. My back hurts. But when I take it off to wash it I can feel the differance in pain still in some places. Especially when I walk or get up from sitting. I do feel less pain with it on. But here are some updated pics from yesterday. I have been working out to help with my legs.
Thank you! I cant wait for everything to be healed.

cropped updated photos.

You are looking great! And your boobs look perfect!
Thank you. I will pist aome more pics later!
It is from my PS office. I had it on when i woke up from surgery. that pic with the compression garment was taken the day after a few hours of sleep. They should order you one. If you want to check with my PS let me know, Everything was $10,000.00.

Post OP update and photos

I will be 6 weeks post op this Friday. So far recovery is going well. I am in my 3rd week back at the gym. I am happy about the mommy makeover. It feels great to have a larger chest. Its so exciting to know that I will beable to wear cloths I could not wear before this year. I do notice that I have some cellulite on the back of my legs. Hopefully some of that is the swelling. But I am going to the gym to help it too. There are some brusing still. There are a couple bumps on my inner thigh and outer that I hope is still the swelling. I am pretty happy but not 100%. Maybe once everything is healed I will feel 100%. I am going this weekend for the first time to try on new braws. I dont know what size I am yet but either a full C cup or small D. I am in my second stage garment now which is a small. My first stage was a medium. Here are some pics from today.

After working out

I do an hour of cardio. I will hopefully start running next week. I do wear my garment when I am at the gym. I do have some pain still in my stomach and my thighs. I just do as much as I can do till I get very tired. Heres pics after the gym. Sorry about the sweat on the front of my shirt.
Everything sounds and looks great! You are lucky, my PS said that I absolutely CANNOT exercise (anything that gets my heart rate up) until 6 weeks.
Aw. He said I could after 3 weeks. Just light cardio. My legs did hurt at first but now my body is starting to get use to it. I am very active person. I worked out a lot my whole life.
Looking and doing FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work, you give us all inspiration. Hugs and continued great healing.

6 weeks tomorrow.

These are pics getting ready to go out. Still light brusing on the back of my legs and the inner thighs. This top is without a braw on.
Newest post op pics show a lot of improvement already at only one month wow.. getting excited for mine !! Hope my healing goes this well with pretty much same procedures.. u look great .WTG!!!:)
Ty. Good luck with your journey tomorrow. Post some post op pics when you feel up to it.
You look FANTASTIC! Go GET'EM lady ;-)

4.5 months since Mommy Makeover

I am happy about the makeover. But there are still some spots in the legs that need touch ups. One thigh is a little bit bigger then the other from the Lipo. I had a post op about two weeks ago. I go in for touch ups in June. Also my tummy tuck not too impressed with. The skin around my belly button is stretched. I had the mini tummy tuck. Should have been told I had to have a full tummy tuck. Hopefully they can fix it. Other then that I don't have any more bruising. Weight is good. Haven't gained any. I have been working out about 3 to 4 days per week. Below are some pics from the beach from today.

updated photos

Photo from yesterday

more photos

6 months post op and revision today..

I went in today for revision of the thighs and my belly. I noticed my inner and out thighs looked uneven. After mini tummy tuck also noticed wrinkles around belly button. So he scheduled for me to come in today for revisions. He did my outer thighs and took off skin from my belly button. During the procedure I was awake for it. I was nervous but did good. I am pretty happy about the revision except for the inner thighs. I will wait ten days to see how things look. But over all I am pretty happy. Here is a couple pics taken yesterday before 6 months revision. Anyone please give me input on the inner thighs. Thanks!
Ty. I will post pics in a few days. I hope it turns out good the revision.
Your breasts look amazing. In the photos you posted today I can see the discrepancy between your two thighs. I hope the revision today adjusts that so you can be happy! I look forward to seeing how the revision works out.
I posted 6 months update for today. I hope everyone is doing well and loving outcomes.
email me.

You can email me for doctors information. I would prefer it that way due to my privacy. He is a great doctor. My friend had breast augumentation done through him and another family member had a couple surgeries through that is what helped me make my decision.

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