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Hello, I hoping to find some advice to help me to...

I hoping to find some advice to help me to make the right choice ... 6 weeks ago I decided to do a fat transfer to regain the fat I lost in my face. The Dr. I chosen appears certified by the Board, with many years’ experience so I felt me in good hands .. Today six weeks after, my opinion is different, because I do not see any successful side .... The Fat transfer to the lips disappeared 4 weeks later and the face has not been uniform, I have a more bulky than the other cheek .. my last consultation this week with the doctor, he told me that all faces are asymmetrical and that I had to a different nature to the other side, which is true but not in the way I have it now where the difference is obvious at a glance .. I also raised him to the area where they removed the fat (knee) also remained the same, one is fatter than the other ... his response was that “you not need seek perfection, you are fine .. you not need any correction ..

I wonder if I have any right as a patient to allow me to claim a free correction or a second at lower cost, and if it is true that the Dr can’t make another fat transfer to correct me.

I thank you in advance for any help or advice


If he is making excuses, I would find another doctor!
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Welcome to RS ! Sorry about your experience but don't let that stop u in getting a second opinion and moving forwArd in order to achieve your desired look! Go for it!!! U deserve it!
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Hey there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Have you sought out a second opinion, just so you can be sure for yourself, as to whether a revision is needed or not?
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