Over Exertion 12 Days After Breast Augmentation? - Florida, FL

I had BA surgery almost 2 weeks ago. 350 cc's of...

I had BA surgery almost 2 weeks ago. 350 cc's of silicone under the mouscle. I feel much better than I did the first few days after and although I'm still healing love the results. 2 days ago I cleaned my house before taking a trip. I vacuumed, mopped, etc. then that evening I had a flight to catch and carried my bag all throughout the airports. My right side always hurt less then my left but now my right side has been slightly sore and feels "off" and makes sloshing noises when I do my massages. It's softer than my left side as well. Could I have caused damage or burst the implant?

I'm sure you'll feel better after your appointment next week but hopefully you can take it easy until then! No cleaning! Let us know how your appt goes. Will we get to see any photos?

Thanks Beth. Yeah I'm sure I will. I travel back today so ill try and go slow. I noticed the right side is slightly smaller than the left also but from what I read that's normal. Once I get home I can post some pictures as well of my before and after.

Yes, you're right...it may take several months for them to "even out." Safe travels!

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