Saving for a Much Wanted BBL - Florida

Hello all : ) ive been scrolling thru this site...

Hello all : ) ive been scrolling thru this site for awhile now reviewing bbl experiences and doctors. Im still searching for potential doctors but so far Dr. Jonathan Fisher is looking fabulous! I love the way he sculpts and increases them booties! And i might love his affordable pricing even more!! What do u guys think of him? How was ur out-of-state patient experience? Cuz thts the deal ill most likely be getting. I havent booked anything yet since right now i cant afford it but i am saving like crazy!

Considering Yily De Los Santos

So im still in the research phase of the BBL. I think i might want the famous Yily to do my operation! She does great work, even better than most male surgeons. I believe this is because she is a woman, so she knows wht we're looking for ;) But of course i still would really love to be operated by Fisher. Does Yily offer any discounts? Any secret hole in the wall discounts? :+)
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Gd luck honey bunch:-)
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Hey Doll! Welcome to RS. I haven't gotten my SX yet but you'll see what I think of him after it.
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By SX u mean surgery? Cant wait to see ur results! Love ur profile pic too its how id like mine! ;)
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Yes. Lol. It's just easier to type. Thanks doll! Me either. I'm ecstatic! Girl it looks so naturally big.
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