25 years old, 5'5'', 230 lbs, no kids.....I just want a jump start with some booty

I have been contemplating having my butt...

I have been contemplating having my butt "repaired" for about a year now. I currently live in the Bahamas so I am looking for a great doctor to give me the booty I've always wanted. I don't mind a J. Lo or Kim K butt as long as its just a nice full one. I also want the fat used to be from my upper and lower back, upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and arms. ***deep breath***

I forgot my basic info

Sorry I forgot to post my basic information. I am about 5 feet 5 inches, I weight between 225 - 230 lbs.

Does any have information on recovery houses?

I don't want to go further than Florida. Any information on recovery houses?
If u go to vanity they're offering their recovery house for $2000 extra.
ok thanks so much for the information
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Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hughes

okay guys....I'm really feeling Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Florida or Dr. Hughes in California.....Still trying to figure out who is my Dr.
Fisher & Hasan is gd @vanity. So is dr. Ortega & Imagenes
I thought I added both of them. Here's the other bare beauty 305 915 6025. There near bal harbour.

Got a quote

Okay so I finally got a quote from DR. Hughes and I am just hoping my insurance is going to pay for some of that. I like her confidence though. I haven't even met him yet and I like the manner in which he explains what he wants to do and how he's going to do it........let's keep fingers crossed that insurance is going to help out.


omg .....I meant him.....

Dr Mel Ortega (Lord I hope thats the right name)

Didn't have time to check the spelling of the Dr's name. Please forgive me. I just spoke to his administrative assistant Liz and although chick called me Jasmine and my name is Jamie I am still interested in this Dr. I really wanted Dr. Hughes but my mom was like hell no you are not going all the way to California for no kind of surgery. ***sigh*** Dr. Hughes made me feel so confident and answered my emails so quickly. I am going to pray for some answers but for now Dr. Ortega here I come.
Your gonna love dr ortega. His office staff bbl and boobs looks amazing. :) I wanted a bbl by looking at their butts. Lol he said I couldn't get it done cuz I don't have enough body fat. My bbl is 21.2, I needed 33 or more. I agree with your mom, I'very noticed the bbl in Florida looks great. I didn't noticed it at all in California and I grew up in California since age 5yrs... and live in IL the past 15yrs. Theresearch sure no butts here either :)
don't know yet

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