2 Attempts to Remove Grafted Fat - Florida

I was in my 30s when I was talked into the under...

I was in my 30s when I was talked into the under eye fat graft and lower bleph. Then, the same doctor attempted to remove the injected protruding fat (not needed in the first place) twice and there is still hard substance under one eye, which swells from time to time. This eye is rounded, with damaged muscle (three subcutaneous blepharoplasties) and deep scar. I tried 5-fu, steroids, mesotherapy, massage, microcurrents to strengthen muscles -- nothing works! I am desperate to remove this lump without further damaging my eye. I was suggested Hester method, transconjuctival surgery and trauscutaneous with midcheek lift. Please help!

I have heard nothing good about far injections. I do not know why doctors keep doing this. Sorry that you have to go through this.
What you need to do is get rid of doctors who try things that are not done or acceptable, such as jamming someone's face with so much facia near the mouth and lip I have scars that are bound down, and resistent to everything. They encase the small muscles of movement thus impairing my speech. Also, patients need to be informed of everything, all possiblities -- not just what the doctor wants you to know. Even when you come in with written questions -- twice.
I'm so sorry you are going thru this. What is your surgeon saying about all this?
Dr. Davis

Absolutely, under no circumstances I would do fat injection under my eyes, especially since there was no hollowness. Now my career as a model is over, I am depressed and unable to enjoy life. I wish never had this surgery in the first place.

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