Eyelid Drooping After Upper Bleph / Brow Lift

I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty and a brow lift...

I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty and a brow lift on both eyes about a week ago. Now the upper lid on one eye is hanging down around my pupil when I look straight. When I look up the eyelids both go up as normal. When I close my eyes, both eyelids close all the way.

I had this surgery because the skin hanging down in one eye was causing me pain. The doctor suggested that both eyes should be done as well as a brow lift.

Updated on Dec 6, 2009
I had an Upper Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift on both eyes with Botox preceding the surgery. This was done because my eyelid was causing eye irritation.


Updated on Dec 6, 2009

I had an upper bleph and brow lift on both eyes over two weeks ago. My doctor also injected Botox into the outer corners of my eyes, the area above my brow, and the area between my brows a few days before the surgery.

Eleven days ago my right eye started to droop down around my pupil and has not recovered since. It is very difficult for me to keep that eyelid open. I believe that my levator muscle or its controlling nerves are either damaged, severed, or paralyzed.

My plastic surgeon said that this was not expected and that if it continues I should have an ophthalmologist look at it.

How long should I wait before having surgery to correct this? Does this situation ever correct itself on its own? Could it be due to Botox?

Should the correction be done by a plastic surgeon or an ophthalmologist? If by an ophthalmologist, who is responsible for paying for this?


The hang down started about 5 days after surgery. Is the drooping normal for one week after surgery?


Thank you, I went to an Opthemologist ,to have my upper eyelid done, because of my vision, so we decided to move the excess skin as well.. he is a well known Dr...but I will have a second opinion.. thank you all.
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Don't keep removing skin from the lid. A brow lift will probably do the trick. But, if you remove too much eyelid a brow lift will never be possible because your eye won't fully shut. Go to an eye/face specialist only. I've had bad experiences with the general p.s. when it comes to eyes. Be sure the doctor releases the muscle between the eyebrows and does an adequate job undermining the forehead or the brow will droop again and you will be at square one. Done properly the brow lift will lift the skin off of the eyelid. It may have been all you needed in the first place. Best wishes to you.
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I am not sure and wonder why they keep drooping even after all of that surgery ? I would like to hear a professional opinion ..could it be a medical condition that is causing this to happen to you ? I'm sorry doll ....be careful before having another surgery ..maybe another opinion ? Kat
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