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EMatrix Procedure - Florida

I had my 1st E-Matrix treatment on the whole face...

I had my 1st E-Matrix treatment on the whole face for mild/medium acne scars on the 23rd. I was told it was done on a low B setting (B32). It didn't feel bad at all with the numbing cream and the redness wasn't too bad either, only lasted for about a day. My face felt really warm during the treatment and lasted a few more hours. I took a quick and cool shower at night and my face felt this tingling sensation. By the time I woke up this morning (day 2), only a little bit of redness is still present. I saw maybe 1 or 2 grid marks after I got home yesterday, by now those tiny grid marks are all over my face. There are abnormal sensations, my face feels very normal. I haven’t tried any makeup yet but I really hope those grid marks can be covered so people would not stare when going into work.


So I'm guessing you went into work this morning. How did it go? Do you think the makeup covered it, or did you feel like people were looking at you?

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It took about a whole week for 80% of the scabs to...

It took about a whole week for 80% of the scabs to fall off, eye area took the longest for me. I have not notice any difference since the 1st treatment... but still went for my 2nd one yesterday. She turned the setting up to C15, and I definitely felt it, but it was still tolerable. Day 2 now and my face is still red and all of the grid marks are super noticeable. Overall not much difference from the 1st treatment, hopefully I will see some results after this one.


Bummer you weren't able to see any change after your first treatment. Hopefully the setting adjustment will give you some obvious results this time. I'll be interested to hear if it takes you longer to heal up from this session, so keep us updated on how you're doing. :)

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I used loose mineral powder, but those grid marks were still visible -_-
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I had my 3rd and final treatment a few days ago...

I had my 3rd and final treatment a few days ago with the same setting (it was actually C50 instead of C15, guess I heard wrong) There was no improvement on my scars but people did point out that my overall tone has gotten better. She asked if I wanted to go for the highest setting (C62) but I chickened out, probably should have went for it. Anyways, my face didn't feel as warm for as long, but the redness is bit more noticeable than the 1st time, other than that, same as before.


Hi happyderma, I haven't noticed much differences in my acne scars after the 3 Ematrix treatments, my scars are the larger and shallow type, not sure if those are harder to get rid of or what, but anyway, I am now experimenting with Fractional Resurfacing for just spot treatment, got my 2nd one done last week, and I must say I do see some improvements this time, not sure if it is due to Ematrix from before or that the resurfacing really is a better choice for me. Good Luck!
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duoduo, have your acne scars faded away much?
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Good to hear from you!! I don't blame you for being hesitant to go up to the highest setting - I'd be freaked out of that too if it makes you feel any better. Hope the healing goes well this time around, really looking forward to hearing how your skin looks & feels in the weeks & months to come!!

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