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Hi ladies, I've been researching the BBL for some...

Hi ladies, I've been researching the BBL for some time now and I have grown fond of Dr. Salama. I've spoken with Nancy through email and she was so kind and informativeand relayed to me exactly what I need to have performed. I am going to follow what she suggest as I know it will give me the max results. Could anyone share with me who I need to go through to finance some of the monies required?
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I did carecredit and they gave me 0% for 18 months.
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Okay..thanks..I will look into them
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Welcome and congratulations to u !! Dannnnng he raised his prices what all u getting bby girl? Any pre opt pics?
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Thanks! no his prices are still the same but he reccommened I have a TT which he stated is $5.499 so that's why the price is higher. I need to take more pictures so I can upload them here.
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