Uneven Breasts After 1 Yr - Florida

HI I had a breast augmentation and my left breast...

HI I had a breast augmentation and my left breast had a tuberous release. The doctor told me he would fill my left breast with more saline because it was smaller, but he added the extra saline to the right. Now 1 year later after investigating paperwork I found he filled the wrong one? So what do I do now? It is noticibly different :(

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Hi! I've had my implants removed and it was fine...I too was really scared of the surgery, but it is pretty straight forward and on the plus side it means no more surgery! Perhaps you could start a new review on the implant removal board so more people will be able to see and give you advice. x
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I still have my implants and want them removed!! I recently had a baby and breastfeeding has been a nightmare, low milk supply.
I really want my implants removed but im scared with another surgery, anyone have any advice or motivating stories? Thanks
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Have you checked out RealSelf's breast implant removal community? It's full of great information about explantation!

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Have you confronted your surgeon about this? I would think that if you have proof he is at fault, he should fix it for free.

I'm so sorry you're going through this. Please keep us updated on what you decide to do.

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