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I have been wanting boobs since I was 16 and...

I have been wanting boobs since I was 16 and realized mine were not going to grow :( My brother and my mom told me to enter a radio contest, "boxing for boobs", but at the time I was 18 and wanted to wait to see if I would develop, or what would happen if I ever had children. Weeellll, 14 years later, married for 6 years, 2 beautiful girls, 4 and 6, Im READY!!!!! I am so beyond excited. Everytime I read a story, when I read the part about the women waking up to boobs, I can feel the emotion and I actually tear up thinking about my own and how happy I will be! To me getting this procedure done is all pros. I honestly can't think of one con(except the cost). Even that I can overlook because it will make such a huge difference! I am doing this for myself and NOBODY else! If I listened to everyone tell me I don't need to do it, or you look fine without them, then I wouldnt be true to myself and what makes me happy. I want this procedure to look better in my clothes. It is such a huge depression, especially working in a womans clothing store, to try on cute tops and dresses, and the only thing not filled out is the breast part.


Good luck!!!!! It has been the best decision I have ever made for myself!! I feeel beautiful and confidant naked now (even though they are bran new) and cannot wait to be intimate with my hubby!!!! It would turn me off so bad when he would go near my small A cup breasts. He never complained but I hated how it felt like I never went through puberty (except breastfeeding) I had surgery on may 4 and I already feel such a huge difference in my self esteem. :) Dont let anyone detour you. Do your research. Find a great doctor and do what is right in your heart :) Best of luck to you :):):):) xoxoxoxo
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Your excitement is contagious! I can't wait to watch you progress along this road to breasts! Have you decide what kind of implants you're going with yet?

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Just got my appontment moved from the 25th to the...

Just got my appontment moved from the 25th to the 22nd! only a few days, but anything sooner is better! I don't know if im more nervous or excited that it is about to happen after so long. Even though I have wanted and thought about it practically everyday for years, it hasnt really set in that it is about to actually happen in 5 short days!!!!! OMG, I can't wait to see the result. I had my re-op appointment today, got my prescriptions picked up and bought my zip front sportsbra from Walmart, only $11.74! Better than the $40 one they have in the ps office! I also paid in full and got all my instructions and questions answered, now to clean the house top to bottom, explain a little more to my 2 girls and wait!!!!


OOMMGGGGG in a few hours I will finally have boobies!!!! I am so excited and nervous, and just cant wait to see how they look!! Surgery is in 7 hours!!!! I already have 2 new dresses waiting for my new chest! I will take before pics and post with the afters!! I decided to talk to my girls (4 and 6) about the change so I didnt come home "different" , my 6 year old informed me that I should get bigger boobies because mine look like a childs! LMAO
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boobies ;) Good Luck :) Sending love and good thoughts your way
Thank you!!! what size and kind did you get (saline, silicone) I am getting 450cc saline, I am sooo excited, just had my pre-op appointment today, and am scheduled for the 22nd!!!!
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