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Okay so I'm new to this first of all! :) So...

Okay so I'm new to this first of all! :) So I've been researching doctors for a while now and at first I was going with Dr. Hyakki in Maryland, he was understanding to what I wanted..but 10,000 is steep just for liposuction just on my lower back...especially for a college student, so after giving up hope I found a doctor in Florida who is wayyyyyy cheaper!

I'm kind of nervous and I'm waiting on my virtual consultation so I can set a date! Now back to the beginning...I'm 5' 7" and weight I'm a little too embarrased lol! I already have a somewhat curvy shape, but I WANT MORE! :) But I'm planning on getting my abdomen and lower bank and maybe my flanks done! So I'm looking to get all this done maybe June or July!! I'll keep you guys updated :)


Hi there! I'm shooting for June as well with Dr. Salama. I called yesterday and the earliest date they had was June 18. You may want to go ahead and put your deposit down to lock in a date. My guess is with his rep and the low price, his schedule fills up rather quickly!
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congrats on booking! what is your surgery date? im trying to shoot for june as well! and dont be embarrassed about posting your weight. I'm going to post my pre-op photos and thats what you call embarrassing! lol but its ok because the end results is what matters!
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Lol you're right... I'm aiming for June 20 if I could I would get it tomorrow

Ok so I just had my phone consultation and now he...

Ok so I just had my phone consultation and now he is suggesting a tummy tuck with lipo to my outer thighs also and now his prices are bumped up to like 9000!!! I really don't want a tummy tuck because I'm just 20 and haven't had children yet :( and I DO NOT want lipo on my outer thighs because I love my thighs :)!!! So now I just might as well go with the 10,000 dollar doctor closer to where I'm at.....I'm just sad right now Sighs

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