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Terrible - Had It Done 12 Day's Ago and I Have Been in Pain Ever Since

I had it done 12 day's ago . I have been in pain...

I had it done 12 day's ago . I have been in pain ever since. red swollen and my face looks like a road map. Iam so afraid I will be scarred for life.

I would never do it again and I have had a face lift , eye lids done lipo and breast augmentation and this was the worst .

I have taken picture every day for the last twelve days and it does not look much better except the swelling has gone done. Has this happened to anyone else?

Please post your pictures. I had such a wonderful experience and was not in ANY pain afterward. It was painful during the procedure but that was to be expected. Before getting it done again I would love to see further feedback from you.
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he has bee wonderful with every thing else he has done

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