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Basicly after trying other filler for several...

Basicly after trying other filler for several years I decided to try some permanent ways to inmprove my face volume.

The first day i tryed i had a big swelling but was almost gone next day and completely gone after few days. The results were not bad however after all swelling was completely gone I found that the volume on the area treated lowered therefore I had to continue applying on the same area till I got the expected volume it took me abot 4 syringes(.8 CC per syringe) to get my goal on that area when i usually use a 1/4 of(.4cc) of Radiesse to get the same results. Is good to know that each ArteFill syringe(.8cc) is at least $1,000 and average price of about $1,500 or more in South Florida area.

Finally after spending over $6,500 found that I would need at least 4 times that amount to get the goals I wanted when i usually spent 2 syringes of the other product( not even $1,000 in my case since i have a very special price with my doctor)

In my opinion Artefill is good for small areas as litle depressions on the upper face and others unless you are aware and agree with the budget you might need for wider areas as the nasofabial and or smiling areas to get your goals. The fact is that arteFill consistance is thinner than other products beside the syringe is just .8cc. I would say that the product might be worth depending on your budget limitations and you awareness of the amount of product you may need and its equivalancy money wise.

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well I went back to radiesse for a while but I still wanted to do someting more permanent and later (which means recently) I tried fat injection as you probably know that is a kind of traumatic experience I said traumatic because involve more swelling, pain, bruise etc and two procedures one in getting the fat (lipo) and the other putting it into the face. Real Results are usually able to be evaluated after several months and sometimes after at least 2 or 3 sessions, so far I still have swelling however is not bad specially the area around the eyes is comming very good but I might need a revise in few months since i am seing that for instance in one side of my face is comming well but not in the other and that is something that always can happen. However I will be happy the day I don't have to do more ffellings for at least a couple of years. In regards your question about what the doctor said in regards ArteFill over radiesse, he actually said that in his personal opinion both can be good depends on your expectations in regards the lasting effects, the patient's goals in regards the areas to be cover and the budget of the patient.
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I can definitely understand how a longer lasting product/procedure would be of interest. We have a Fat Transfer community as well. We'd love to have you share your story about that as well! :)

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Thank you Megan I already posted my story about fat transfer, hope is of help for other people

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It is posted now, and I put a link above so people could easily find your review. I'm sure many people will find it useful when trying to decide what they want to do.

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So it sounds like you will probably be going back to Radiesse, if I'm understanding correctly. What did the doctor say was the benefit to trying ArteFill over Radiesse?

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