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Great for Eyebrows Also - Florham Park, NJ

After over tweezing when I was younger I was left...

After over tweezing when I was younger I was left with thin uneven eyebrows. After using on my lashes I brush it over my eyebrows, instantly my eyebrows started to grow back where they were gone for over 30 years.


thought it wasn't working.... then about week 12...wow! definatly has helped me. I have thin, fine, blond lashes; when I put on mascara to darker them more it is amazing! I bought Latisse the first month, and wash brushes and buy generic on internet for 1/4 the price. Have some slight darkening of the lids (which just looks like eye shadow) but no color change in my blue eyes.
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Generic on the internet???? DO TELL!!!! Please!
Lauren Rossi

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