Not As Bad As the Reviews Suggested - Florence, KY

Not a day at the beach but well worth the results....

Not a day at the beach but well worth the results. I was anxious after reading the reviews but truly not a bad experience. I even had my teeth cleaned right before the whitening. I was in the office for 3 hours with the cleaning and whitening. Seriously, worth the time and money. I've tried strips and trays and was never happy but am quite satisfied with Zoom.


Does anyone else have any other comparable pricing for Zoom in the Northern Ky area?
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Hi Cincinnati7163, 

Welcome to the Zoom community. Wow, 3 hours is kind of a long time, but I guess for whiter teeth it would be worth it. Other members have mentioned Zingers did you have any of those? Do you have pictures the community would love to see pictures. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Florence dental center

B took excellent care of me.

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