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I really think lipo is great for the genetically...

i really think lipo is great for the genetically stubborn fat storage areas i told my husband if i worked out for a year that he would have to give his approval for lipo . well i worked out and looked 75 % better . i have always been (skinny fat) 115 5'3''no muscle always on a diet to keep 10lbs off . i didnt want to diet anymore and still exercise .so i did the lipo on abd,love handles . My ps is very conservative and didnt want to take much to avoid the tara reid lipo .. so i had to go back multi times to get what shape i want. well this last time he did my saddlebag and lefts a dent nunder my right crease with asymmetry
i am thinking about fat grafting for a dent on the right side . not sure what to do
he is experienced and reputable but old school . he is old too:) he does fat grafting for the face . but he doesnt do them for the but . i initially wanted a Brazilian but went with just the lipo in hopes of a better but. now I'm in a position i dont have as much fat to harvest if i went to another ps . also the dent is big should i just let him fix that
Hey Jacky, I am very skinny as well, I had BBL, they took the fat from the front of my legs, that was the only possibility. They were able to get enough. Dr. Coleman is a good option but very expensive! I had contact with him and he/his assistant, gave me a ridiculous rate. + there are many people negative about him, saying that he over filled their faces/experimented on patient when they were 'sleeping', if this is true I don't know, but worth to do research on. I am sure though that he can improve the dent, saw similar situations that he fixed, but there are also other surgeons that can fix it, you just have to find the right one. Don't go to your own surgeon if he is inexperienced, to make the graft stay they use a special technique, if not the fat won't take, then you will be even more skinny, and still with dent. Since you don't have so many fat, you might have just one change to get it right. Good luck!
Hey thx im still sAving my money for a bbl havent went for an official consult yet ... I was looking for your pics ... I dont a big but either just a better shape and just not so flat and square;)
You looked amazing before! You shouldn't have done anything. But since you have a problem now which looks like it is your left side, not your right, Dr. Coleman in New York has some amazing before and after pictures you may want to check out.
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