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After losing 100+ pounds I had hpes that this non...

After losing 100+ pounds I had hpes that this non surgical procedure would help. Had six treatments on my upper legs. Unfortunately there were no noticeable changes in the appearance of my legs. Pictures taken before and after showed no difference. I am quite disappointed and feel that I wasted the money.


I am sorry to hear that. I think you should find some other procedure for tighten your skin. I am also have vaser shape treatment and luckily I have very amazing result. I can say I have very nice technician she told me very 1st time, vaser shape is not really working for tighten the skin. It works really well for the fat removal. Not enough fat or do have muscle, vaser shape won't work. After she examined me, she had confident to say I was a good person to have vaser shape. If you think it is not working for you, find some other procedure good for your situation. Good Luck.
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