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Unfortunately, almost 3 months into reconstruction...

Unfortunately, almost 3 months into reconstruction it failed. I decided to go with an expander with my radiated skin. My PS was very honest from the beginning that I was very high risk. I was so confident that it would succeed. It didn't! Now I need to make a choice if I will do a flap. I hate the PROSESIS!

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I went straight to reconstruction with flaps same time as double mastectomy. Right side (radiated 5 yrs previous) failed. Did hyperbaric chamber 3mos. Didn't work. Removed right reconstructed breast. Now doing tissue expander. I'm confused on your stage. You already had reconstruction "without" a flap or expander? I seem to be doing ok. Had 3rd fill today but only doing half fills. Full fills seems to be too much and don't want to have any issues like I did after mastectomy. Are you considering pectoral muscle flap or from your back? Forgot the medical terms. Would love to compare notes and experience with you. Sure wish I'd known al the problems I was going to have due to radiation before I did it. I finally decided to go ahead with fixing it because we want to live on a boat when we retire and I plan to live in a swimsuit. Its becoming too hard to balance. He did such an awesome job on the left side. I'm just going to trust my surgeon. It's been a long year (5 yrs since radiation, 1 yr since mastectomy) but I'm hopeful. So far, so good. Best of luck to you.
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Hi, I had radiation in 2010. Aug. 2012 I had an expander put in. I had 60cc's every two weeks. It was going great, but after the 5th, just before my 6th my skin broke. I am now considering doing the latissimus flap. Which is using skin from my back. I am discouraged to hear that even the flaps failed. Can you share with me what happened to you. Was it an infection? Your wound didn't heal? There is so much pain and $ involved, only to have failure. I understand what you are saying about bathing suit. I live in fl, love to do water aerobics, etc., the PROSESIS is horrible. It hurts my chest skin so much and I am miserable with it. I never imagined how awful it would be. Pls keep me informed how you are doing! :) Carol
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Same story as you and susudoggie. Not sure what to do now with all the failed attempts at expanders and implants. Choice now tummy tram flap or latissimus . Both with very small implants. Not sure what's less invasive but think I really need my shoulder for lifting... Tummy tram may be better? Good to know I'm not alone and all this failure due to radiation and tissue not healing is somewhat common.
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I am so, so sorry to hear that things didn't go smoothly. :(

In your eyes what are the pros and cons of doing the flap?

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Hi Megan, I suffer from lymphedema, I am short from the waist up. The PROSESIS always hurt my chest wall. I love doing water aerobics. It is such a NUSIENCE, my tops don't fit we'll and always a battle to get my breast even! The pro would be a natural look, no PROSESIS. The con, a chance of failure again, the cost, and possibly more pain in my back area from the lymphedema.
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Wow, that is a tough one to balance out. I can see why you aren't decided one way or another yet. I don't know if it will help any, but whenever I've been faced with a choice where neither have seemed like great options my mom always told me to "choose the one you will regret the least". Though that sounds very simple, and perhaps even a bit odd, it often has helped me make my decision. If you can try to project into the future and ask which you would regret least, going for the reconstruction or not, that might help give another angle to view it from, and help with your choice.

On a different note - good for you for doing water aerobics!! Those workouts can be HARD!! Good for you - I'm impressed!

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