Five Months Later

I was very pleased initially with the improvement...

I was very pleased initially with the improvement of my acne scars and the tightening of crepey neck skin. It appeared that fine lines were also improved.

However, after five months since my last treatment, of which there were four, I find that the result overall is absolutely negligible. The improvement that I saw immediately was due to swelling.

I have previously undertaken dermabrasion and erbium laser treatments for acne scarring; both delivered much more impressive results. I consider this treatment a very expensive facial. I looked great a few days after treatment for a few weeks, then my skin reverted back to how I started; I don't even see results from supposed stimulation of collagen production.

Don't waste your money.

Sadly, I agree also. I am 7 months post fraxel repair & my wrinkles look drastically worse. I guess I will have to spend more money on fillers. This procedure was suppossed to make me look younger not older. The results only seemed to last 3 months tops!
I agree with above statements Chemical peels or if you have bad scarring or wrinkles...Suck up the down time and do C02 or portrait.. My doctor said C02 was riskier...I disagree..I had it ten years ago and was inside for 2 weeks and pink for months...but my face looked like a babys but.... With one FraxelRestore (supposed to be a lunchtime proc) I havn't wanted to leave my house in two years....
What is medlight??
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I was over-promised the results

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