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First Week of Invislign...hope All is Well

So far so good but couple questions for you all...

So far so good but couple questions for you all. First, when you take your retainers out to eat, how long a clip are you taking them out for. I take them out for about 30 minutes per meal...is that about right? Also, I'm on my first retainer...my 3rd day. It does not seem as 'tight' as it did the first day which I'm sure is expected but just wanted to be sure. The only example I could give is that imagine you are sucking out of a straw...when I pretend to do that, I can feel my retainter tighten up a bit. Almost like there is some space there. Is that normal? MJ
I live in the Philly area and is looking to use invisalign and wanted a recommendation for an ortho...and what the price depend on??? Editor note: You must be contacted privately to receive the information you requested. This requires free registration for an account. When registering, you must opt-in to receive private messages (a check box).
Hi i use to have braces but when the reterners were giving to me i lost the bottom piece. Now i notice my bottom teeth bad the top teeth thank God are good and stright. But the bottom ones are becoing croked. How would i use Invisalign and is it painful. Thanks
Hey I'm on day 4 with invisalign it doesn't hurt juts a bit uncomfortable the first 2 days or so. Now I'm getting use to it. You will wake up with headaches so just take some advil or excedrine before bed. The cost is between 3000-4,000. Whoever says its not invsisible is just being way too self concience b/c when I tell people I have inv. their like I don't even see it and some people I had to show for them to believe me. Def worth it!
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